TV shows/mini-series of 2022!

Similar to books, I have a love of tv shows. I prefer mini-series mostly due to their length, but I can also appreciate a longer show. Also similar to what I have done with the books I’ve read, I thought I would throw together a very brief blog on some of the shows I watch throughout the year.

At this time, I have Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and Disney+ as my streaming services. I might also add Hulu back in there at some point, but for now, I am working with these four. As far as genres, I watch almost anything so if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments!

As of the end of Janurary, I am officially a movie/TV show writer for Movieweb.com so make sure you check out their page for up-to-date entertainment news! All of my posts will be housed under my name or can be found by clicking this link! Any recommendations, share them in the comments!

Show TitleStreaming ServiceGenreRating (out of 5)Comments
The WitcherNetflixFantasy/Action4.5/5I have to say I preferred season one. This was good, but it was almost boring. I think they are using season two to setup a FANTASTIC season three.
Emily in ParisNetflixDrama/Romance4/5Hate on this show all you want, but I love it. Lilly Collins is adorable and a good actress. The plot is obvious, but it’s supposed to be. This show isn’t meant to be awe-inspiring. For those saying this show ruined Collins, you’re wrong.
And Just Like ThatHBODrama3.5/5I am a hige Sex and the City fan girl. I often day dream about being Carrie Bradshaw – living and writing in New York – and he fashion. I prefer the original show to the movies which unfortunately is how I feel about this show. That being said, I will watch anything that comes out with this francise.
Spinning OutNetflixDrama4/5I wish this show had another season! Kaya Scodelario is one of my favorit actresses and this show really showcased her talent.
Stay CloseNetflixCrime/Drama/Thrller4.5/5Based on a novel by Harlan Coben, this is a limited series that keeps you on your toes. I was able to guess whodunit pretty quickly, but the acting, storyline, and connections made this a great series to watch.
The StrangerNetflixCrime/Drama/Thriller4.5/5Another one of Harlan Coben’s adaptations. It’s hard to decide which one I like more between this and Stay Close. This one was harder to figure out and a bit more involved. Between the two, I think I will have to watch all of his adaptations.
Money HeistNetflixAction/Drama/Crime4/5All I will say is if you can get past the bad dubbing and season 3 and the first half of season 4 then you will love this show!
Too Hot To HandleNetflixRealty TV3/5Just finished season 3…i know it’s a dumb show, but it’s a guilty pleasure of mine. All here for team Harry and Beaux!
SafeNetflixCrime/Drama/Thriller4/5Third Harlan Coben series I have watched now. I liked the other two more than this one, but I will admit that this series stumped me on whodunit.
Archive 81NetflixDrama/Horror/Mystery/Sci-Fi/Thriller5/5 YES YES YES. I cannot wait for season 2 (if there will be one – which there better be). Slower start but you are hooked quickly. Spooky images but nothing on Sinister’s level (which I think is the scariest movies ever – still love them though).
Tell Me Your SecretsAmazon PrimeCrime/Mystery/Drama/Thriller4/5 If you can get through the first 5-6 episodes, then this show is worth it. VERY slow start, but eposiodes 6-10 make it worth it. I will preface that this is some gore and lots of talk of rape so if you are triggered by those, I do not recommend. There better be a season 2. Just saying.
EuphoriaHBO MaxDrama4.5/5All aboard the Euphoria train. I am 3 years late, but I am on board with the series. The first season was better in my opinion, but I still really liked the second season.
Love Is Blind (season 2)NetflixRealty TV2.5/5 This is one of those shows that I hate to admit I love watching. The first season’s cast was better. This season’s was cringy.
ParanoidNetflixCrime/Mystery3.5/5Decent British crime show. Storyline was better than the acting though.
The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the WindowNetflixComedy3/5I didn’t want to watch this one, but I knew I had to. There are only 8 episodes all around 25 minutes long so I was able to binge it in one sitting. It’s funny as it should be.
All Of Us Are DeadNetflixAction/Drama4/5I loved this series! I rated 4 though because of all the deaths (no spoilers here, but the death in episode 11 was not necessary).
Young WallanderNetflixAction/Crime4/5Stumbled on this very short 6 episode season series accidentally and I loved it. The end of the first season ended abruptly but overall still good. The second season started out slow but ended up fantastic.
Inventing AnnaNetflixDrama3/5 so farCould not finish this. Just couldn’t get into it 😦
Pieces of HerNetflixCrime/Drama/Mystery4/5 I don’t understand the bad reviews people are giving this show. Sure Bella Heathcote’s performance isn’t my favorite, but the show is thrilling and the storyline is compelling. Toni Collette once again steals the show.
The TouristHBO MaxDrama/Mystery/Thriller4/5This was an overall good show. I enjoyed it and the quirky humor that was interlaced. It’s a little obvious, but worth watching.
BloodlineNetflixDrama/Thriller3/5Watched season 1 and am on Season 2 though I doubt I will finish it
Grey’s AnatomyABCDrama4/5 I hate to say it, but season 18 was just not it for me.
BridgertonNetflixDrama4/5Absolutely loved this show. I think its the perfect mix of cliche and romance. Season two did not disappoint.
GreekHuluDrama/Comedy4.5/5This show is my comfort show. I could watch it on repeat forever.
Pam & TommyHuluBiography/Drama4/5I was very invested in this until the last episode, then I think I got distracted by TikTok. Loved the actors in it though – they all did so well.
The Ultimatium NetflixRealty-TV3/5train wreck and i love it
The Girl from PlainvilleHuluBiography/Drama/Crime4/5 so farGood show, Elle stole the show.
Gossip Girl HBO MaxDrama4/5The original of course. After Greek, I needed something else to watch.
Under the Banner of HeavenHuluBiography/Drama/Crime4.5/5Andrew Garfield is definitely one of my favorite actors after this. I really enjoyed this show and that it was based on a Jon Krakauer book.
The StaircaseHBO MaxBiography/Drama/Crime4/5I really wanted to love this show, but where it started well, it ended kinda slowly.
CandyHuluBiography/Drama/Crime4.5/5LOVED THIS SHOW. I am worried I will like this more than Elizabeth Olsen’s HBO Max version later this year.
Peaky BlindersNetflixDrama/Crime4/5Currently watching the whole series
YellowjacketsShowtimeDrama/Mystery4.5/5When is season 2?? I can’t believe I waited so long to watch this show.
Claim to FameABCRealty TV4/5Honestly love this series so far. It’s about celebrity’s relatives who are competing for a cash prize.
Picnic at Hanging RockPrimeSuspense3/5I did an article on Natalie Dormer and wanted to watch this book, but it sadly let me down.
Anatomy of a ScandalNetflixCrime/Drama4/5I enjoyed this one. I recommend on a slow weekend.
Devil in OhioNetflixCrime/Thriller4/5If you can get past the acting, this is worth it!
The Old ManHulu/FXSuspense4.5/5 so farSO GOOD. Not happy with how they left the first season, but I’m excited to see where they take it.
EchosNetflixSuspense3/5 so farIf only the acting could have kept up with the plot.
The PatientHuluSuspense/Psychological 3.5/5 so farcurrently watching
DahmerNetflixSuspense/Crime5/5So good. Hard to watch obviously, but I absolutely will recommend this show to anyone who can stomach it.
Keep BreathingNetflixSurvival2/5Don’t waste your time honestly.
House of the DragonHBO Max4/5 so farcurrently watching
Game of ThronesHBO Max4.5/5rewatching